The A to Z Guide for Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest best Role Playing is developed by The Pokemon Company. It is the best opportunity for Pokemon lovers. On the both IOS and Android device supported. It is available for free, but some items are purchasable. Many types of events and mission are available which make it so popular. For playing the game in Android devices must require 4.4 and up version. The game is installing by 1,000,000+ people in the whole world from android devices. The things are available in the game from rupees 249 to 2,299 per item. One of the best things makes the game popular that is types of Pokemon. It means many types of Pokemon are available in the game. The games run on the current 1.0.2 version. You can make own Pokemon team.


For progress in the game, shopping is the easiest path. When you complete the quests and challenges, then you will earn some rewards that are called the PM Tickets. That is the type of currency in the game. You can use that in various ways like spend it on cocking to attract the new Pokemon. In it each Pokemon like the different types of dishes. So these all the dishes attract the Pokemon. You can also spend the PM tickets in the stores. Via the PM ticket, you can purchase the item from the store. So For the shopping Pm ticket play an essential role. You can also buy many other things from the store by getting Pokemon Quest Hack.

Purchase Important Ingredients-

In the Shop, many ingredients are available to purchase. If you are looking for special ingredients in the store then first see their prize. Always buy the beneficial ingredients because each ingredient has the different price. So this little bit information is so useful for you improve level in currencies.